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Mass Effect 3 Ending (Mostly Spoiler-Free)

This is possibly the biggest disappointment in all my years of gaming.  Remember when you levelled up Aerith/Aeris during your first FF7 playthrough, then she died?  Like that, times 9999.  Yes, one of my favourite gaming franchises does indeed have the worst possible ending(s) imaginable.  And whilst there are plenty of ‘theories’ floating about explaining how they might actually fit in, this is (unfortunately) people clutching at straws in sheer disbelief.  Not that I blame them for not wanting to accept the way the story has finished though. 

After spending at least 100+ hours taking part in a gaming experience that has shown me some of the greatest story-telling I’ve ever seen in interactive media, how the hell does BioWare justify doing such a piss poor job with the last 10 minutes?

Now I’m not saying to ANYONE don’t play the game.  In fact, if you haven’t played any of the games in the series I would strongly recommend going out and getting them.  Mass effect 3 is fantastic as far as game play is concerned.  But it doesn’t make me feel any better about being let down when it came to concluding a great story which has immersed myself and so many others for half a decade.

Some of you may have heard of it, others maybe not.  But I will certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fast paced shooters.  Tribes: Ascend is now in open beta, and the best thing about it?  It’s free, not just now but it always will be!  This is the ideal game for people who enjoy online PC shooters, but are fed up with the generic “warfare” franchise.  Tribes offers something just a little bit different, but by no means any less fun.  Download it now and decide for yourselves!

Manchester Derby Decider?

After today, it looks almost certain that the winner of this year’s Barclay’s Premier League will be a Mancunian team.  With an 11 point gap between United and Spurs (2nd & 3rd), the summit seems beyond the grasp of anyone else now.  But with only 2 points between the current league leaders and last year’s champ19ns, a derby decider could well and truly be on the cards.  Could City even slip up against Chelsea and/or Arsenal?  Or will United unexpectedly drop more points to another struggling team? With just 11 remaining fixtures only time will tell as the title race draws nearer to a conclusion.  

This weekend also saw Chelsea (unfortunately) part ways with Andre Villas-Boas. Hopefully this will not have too much of a negative effect on the career of (as far as I’m concerned) a fantastic manager.  He should take some comfort in the fact that whatever poor bugger Abramovich brings in to replace him will have an even tougher time at the club unless something is done about their ‘veteran’ players and their selfish attitudes.

On a final note, I’d like to offer my commiserations to Spurs for their valiant effort against us this weekend.  Even though I’m delighted with the result, I can’t exactly say it was a fair one.  We were completely torn apart during the first half, and I can imagine the fans and players will feel they deserved a little more from the game.  But sometimes all it takes is some luck, and it clearly wasn’t happening for Tottenham today.  So I will say this: Keep your chin up lads, you’ve had a fantastic season, and it isn’t over yet.  The majority of English football fans love the way you go about the game.  In fact, unless you’re an Arsenal fan it’s kind of hard to dislike Spurs.  You have a great manager and an equally good squad.  It took Real Madrid to knock you out of the Champion’s League last season for God’s sake!  You bring something refreshing to the top end of English football, and if there’s any team that deserves a top 4 finish, it’s you.



Disappointing display from United

After watching the second leg of Manchester United versus Ajax in the Europa League, I have to say I have a few concerns.  With Chicharito putting the red devils in front after just 5 minutes, I honestly thought the game would be done and dusted because of the 3-0 aggregate lead.  Even though there were plenty of youngsters on the pitch, they seemed to handle themselves well…for the first 45 minutes.

The second half was embarrassing, with Ajax becoming completely dominant and United carelessly giving away possession.  

After tearing through the United defence with ease and allowing Ajax to take the lead, the result ended 3-2 on aggregate.  This simply isn’t good enough.  When Basel FC beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League the other night, I thought to myself: “Wow, maybe we didn’t suck so much and Basel genuinely are having an amazing season”.  I have since come to the realisation that…well, no.  We have indeed failed to live up to the standard this season, and an early exit from the Champions League was fair.  We lost the match against Ajax at Old Trafford but still scraped through to face Athletic Bilbao in a fortnight, which won’t be as easy as some people seem to think.  But wait! It’s not all doom and gloom!  This is a time of transition at Manchester United, with many of our young players showing considerable talent.  We can rest assured that the team being built now will keep United at the pinnacle of the English (and possibly European) game for years to come, our modern day “class of ‘92” if you will, including (but not limited to) Jones, Cleverley and Welbeck.  Still, that looming fixture against Spurs in a few weeks looks pretty dangerous…

As a long time fan of the series, I have no shame in saying I’m tempted to download a pirated version of this game.  I payed full price for both Mass Effect 1 and 2, along with every single DLC from XBL.  I’ve since switched to PC, and agree that this whole DLC thing has gone far enough. So I’ll just download a generic Paragon save game from the internet and get cracking (not even interested in the multiplayer).  If a time should come where a full version of the game is released (Maybe a GOTY edition, but it doesn’t look too hopeful at this point) then I will gladly hand over more of my hard earned money.  I’m not fussed about an OST or an art book, but is a full version of the entire game for less than £50 really too much to ask for?

TPB getting blocked in the UK?

According to an article on The Guardian website today, The Pirate Bay may be blocked by British ISP’s this summer.  What is this shit, it’ll end up like China! I’m getting pretty sick of all this restriction of the internet bollocks but hey, at least it’s not as bad as America.  

An Introduction

After a series of meetings at my university that explained how the media industry is nearly impossible to get into, I received some advice from the lecturer.

"If you want to get into writing, then write.  It doesn’t matter what, as long as people can read it".

I wanted to get into writing because of my natural ability with language.  I don’t mean that in a big-headed way though, it’s just that I have a reputation amongst my peers for being a grammar-nazi (pretentious twat).  My initial thought was to attempt comedy/drama. However, the typical idea (me being a student and everything) was about some late-teens to twenty-something aged people drinking and getting high, then getting into tedious and predictable situations.  I think I speak for everyone when I say this genre has been completely bled dry, although fans of the more current series of Skins (wannabe-hipster wankers) may disagree with me.

But I have to start somewhere, right?  So I thought “fuck it” (Okay, I didn’t actually think the words “fuck it” but I’m trying to drag this out a bit in case you hadn’t noticed).  ”Why don’t I start writing about any old bollocks that I have an opinion on, or an interest in”?  So I created a Tumblr because that’s what all the cool kids are doing and have decided to upload short written pieces on a variety of topics as regularly as I can … be arsed.  Whether people read this and think: “Wow, this guy has got some great opinions on stuff” or “Fucking hell, this guy is a cunt”, I honestly don’t care, just as long as people don’t think: “This dude’s literary skills are pretty damn poor”.